With crime figures rising constantly (see UK crime statistics) you need something to help protect your home or business premises from break ins and to capture images of the criminals while in the act. CCTV can do that for you. CCTV stands for closed circuit television. It gets its name from the fact that it is an entirely closed system with cameras from the system providing video feed for the monitors. This differentiates it from a standard television where the signal comes from a separate location, via satellite or cable. Closed circuit television systems area not just for banks who want pictures of bank robbers, they can be used by homeowners and other businesses for a variety of reasons. The investment in a closed circuit television system can prevent the loss of personal property or more quickly recover it after it has been taken during a burglary. Compared to the the potential loss from a burglar, a closed circuit television system makes sound financial sense.

There are many components to an entire CCTV system. These include the cameras to capture images. These can be a single camera facing an important entry point or multiple cameras to cover a variety of angles for the most coverage of an area. The choice between color and black and white cameras affects the price of the system and the clarity of the image. Color cameras are best for brightly lit areas or daylight settings, but black and white cameras can create a better night image. These days you can buy CCTV cameras that render excellent quality images at night time.

Another component to a CCTV system is the receiver. This may be a simple monitor that is constantly watched by security personnel or it could be a digital recorder that captures and saves the images from the cameras for future use if needed. Also you can have the option of the video feed being uploaded directly to the internet to be monitored any time you want from an internet connection or even a smart phone, this way if a crime is being committed then the police can be notified immediately.

Closed circuit television systems can be set up anywhere. Large cameras are a visual cue to people on the premises that they are being watched and are therefore a very efective deterrent to would be burglars. Smaller cameras can be hidden for stealth surveillance. Many homeowners opt to install a hidden camera by their front door to see who is knocking before answering or to catch people stealing packages or newspapers from their front doorstep. Businesses may use these systems to keep track of when their employees come and go or if unauthorized personnel enter the business.

A closed circuit television system has many uses for a wide variety of people. The information gathered by the system may be used to catch a burglar or robber quickly and recover the stolen goods. Investing in a closed circuit television system will be very worthwhile, for any home or business. Insurance companies will often reduce the insurance costs if they know there is a CCTV system installed as they know what an excellent crime deterrent they can be, therefore reducing the likelihood of a claim.

We have a CCTV system installed in our office as we have had two break ins on separate weekends, needless to say, the break ins have ceased now, no doubt as a result of the cameras as 3 of them are highly visible and aimed at all the entry points. So you can see this is the best way to safeguard your home, property and business.